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"U.C.L.A. Rheumatology Pathophysiology Course Syllabus: 1997"
Dr. David T. Y. Yu asked me to be the lead speaker for the UCLA second year medical student's pathophysiology class in 1997. The syllabus for that year was posted on my web site, and I've left it here ever since. It demonstrates some of the multimedia capabilities at that time.
"U.C.L.A. Rheumatology Pathophysiology Course "Syllabus": 2005"
Since then, each year I've been trying to improve on the presentation. The "syllabus" is now given to the students as an interactive Flash E-book on a CDROM (see the first Flash E-book title immediately below). The presentation above contains the content which can be viewed without the flash player. All the images are included and can be copied, and most of the images have larger versions as well. Each section also has the appropriate flash movies available.
Flash E-books
E-Topics: Pathophysiology

"Rheumatology Overview: Images and Animation in Arthritis and Rheumatism"
The lead lecture for the ucla second year medical school pathophysiology of disease course, covering numerous topics in Rheumatology.

"New Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis"
A review of the pertinent immunology and then a description of the new treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis-under construction. Intended for M.D.'s, medical students, or other interested parties.

"Normal Joint Structure and Function and Osteoarthritis "
The original CDrom content written in 2000 for the medical students as a handout.   All of this content is also contained in the "Rheumatology Overview" E-book.
Biologic Response Modifiers
Rheumatology: Misc. Topics
       "brm's: mode of action"
       "adalimumab (humira) "
       "etanercept (enbrel)"
       "infliximab (remicade)"
       "rituximab (rituxan)"
  "infectious vs not infectious"
  "inflammatory vs noninflammatory"
  "arthritis and joint pattern "
  "autoimmunity vs not autoimmunity"
  "systemic lupus erythematosus"
  "mhc class1 protein and disease "
  "ra pathophysiology"
  "b cells and rheumatoid arthritis"
  "gouty arthritis "
  "rheumatology topics summary "
       "oa animated schematic"
       "oa clinical manifestations"
       "oa defined
       "oa gross anatomy "
       "oa joint pattern "
       "oa pathophysiology"
       "oa spinal "
       "oa summary "
       "oa typical changes "
E-Topics: Physiology and Structure
Normal Joint Structure & Function
       "joint configuration "
       "joint lubrication "
       "normal joint defined "
       "joint stability "
       "structure & function"
       "types of joints "
       "normal knee anatomy"
   "adhesion molecules "
   "Immunology Overview "
   "innate immunity"
   "quiz on immunology"
   "signal transduction "
   "mhc class I structure "
   "adenovirus: cyto response"
Cartilage: Structure and Function
      "cartilage: schematic"       "cartilage: hyaline "
      "cartilage: remodeling "
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